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In the event that a member of the UK SHAPE Community (either serviceperson or dependant) is hospitalised without having been directly referred by the SHAPE Health Facility eg. incl visiting A&E (in or out of hours and are subsequently admitted to hospital) the correct procedure is:

Calculate your Armed Forces Pension

You may be eligible for an armed forces pension if you've served in the armed forces.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Deployment: Emergency requests

Joint Casualty & Compassionate Centre (JCCC) Cards and fridge magnets are available from the HIVE on request.

Transition to Civilian Life

This guide covers resettlement, housing, leave, and pensions as well as the administrative procedures, for the smooth transition to Civilian Life.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Psychological or psychiatric illnesses or conditions, such as PTSD are not covered by the PAX Personal Accident plan.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Local Language course information

Are you moving? Ask the HIVE...

For more information on your next posting please contact the HIVE 065447075

Changes To Speed Limits In The Flemish Region Of Belgium

With effect from 01 Jan 17 a change to the speed limits within the Flemish Region of Belgium came into force. The general speed limits within Belgium are as follows:

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ER (Easy Resettlement) Magazine

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Quest Magazine - January 2017

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Civvy Street - Jan 17

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Alpine Centre Bottrop - The latest

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Medical and Dental information - BFG Website

There is comprehensive information available regarding both Medical and Dental services on the BFG website.  Please Click Here

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Pathfinder-News for service leavers: December

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Courses for Forces: Winter Edition

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Music and Lunch club on a Wednesday with Home Start

SACEUR Sports Volleyball competition to held on Thurs 26

If anyone would like to compete in the SACEUR Sports Volleyball competition to held on Thurs 26 Jan, then please come along to the practice sessions listed below.

Up coming courses.

1. Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Course

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Poppy Pod

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UK: Service Housing News

Encouraging our military community to ask for help

New research published by SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity,

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Changes in Buy to Let Mortgages from Defence Minister

Personnel redeployed within the UK will now be able to rent out their homes without facing higher costs or having to change their mortgage to a buy-to-let.

QUEST Resettlement Magazine: December 2016

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Help for Heroes Hidden Wounds

Hidden Wounds service provides free and confidential support to Ex-Service Personnel, their families and the families of those still serving,