Wednesday, 9 August 2017


SHAPE customers of the Force Post Office will be aware that there has been issues with the connectivity of the Royal Mail financial system (HLO) over that last 6 weeks.
Despite the attempts of the technical experts to resolve this matter the problem persists and has led to a number of losses due to the system closing down mid-transaction. It is now apparent that there is a requirement for a business router to be installed to allow faultless connectivity with the UK banking system and the internet provider Proximus has been approached and requested to build this individual router. As this is a bespoke build we have not been given a date of delivery but we estimate anywhere up to 6-8 weeks before the system is back fully online.

As a result of the recent losses and the unpredictable connectivity, the decision has been taken to close down the HOL system and move to manual accounting. What does this mean? – The Post Office will continue to run a full counter service that will allow for the sale of stamps/postal orders and the posting of all mail including parcels. The only affected part of the normal service will be the temporary withdrawal of the ‘Chip and Pin’ system.

Personnel who normally rely on this system to obtain additional cash should consider an increase to their overseas ‘Split Net Pay’ which needs to be enacted by 0900hrs Friday 11 Aug 17 for the change to take effect on the end of August salaries: the SHAPE Admin office are on standby to assist individuals to do this (ext 4996/4461). It should be noted that the current FFR is significantly higher than the GAR and direct payment into individual bank accounts is therefore more favourable.

An update to this situation will be transmitted in due course.