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Saturday, 12 August 2017


Do you want to play a more active role in the support of the British Community at Mons?
Do you have specific skills or training that would be useful as a School Governor for the British Section School?
With the recent turnover of personnel there is a need to reconstitute the School Governors Committee (SGC) ready for the commencement of the Autumn Term. It is the intention of the SGC Chairman, in conjunction with the Headmaster, to develop the SGC to further support the British Section School in its OFSTED inspections.

The SGC will be expanded to 12 Governors, including the Chairman, that will deliver four sub-Committee teams. Each sub-Committee will monitor and report to the SGC on an area of the Common Inspection Framework (CIF) used by OFSTED to assess the school. The SGC will also nominate suitable Governors to be the SEN and Safeguarding focal points.

The SGC will be fully involved in supporting the British Section School and deliver termly reports to the SGC meetings at the end of each term; the outputs of these reports, and the resulting Actions Register, will feed the British Section School’ CIF that underpins the OFSTED requirements. In such a manner the SGC will proactively encourage and develop the outcomes of the school. To assist the SGC in delivering this task and to develop the Governors, the SGC will introduce School Governor and Safeguarding training for all SGC members.
If you are interested in becoming a School Governor then please contact the SGC Chairman, Wing Commander Marcus Senescall, on +32 (0) 65 44 6259 or email me at marcus.senescall505@mod.uk