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Thursday, 22 June 2017


The Army Welfare Service (AWS) are offering the following training opportunities to service personnel and entitled dependants within your locations that are working in the welfare or youth group environment

• Mental Health First Aid both adult and youth - 2 days each
• Safeguarding Level 2 - 1 day
• Domestic Abuse awareness - 90 min, ½ day and 1 day presentations available.
• Parenting Programme - Four 2 hour sessions on separate days.
• Stress Management - 45 min

These courses are currently available from AWS and their partner agencies in BFG and can be provided in EJSU locations and AWS and other agencies will strive to provide a multi activity package in one visit in order to reduce cost.

Please reply to the CLO indicating (a) which course(s) you are interested in and (b) what your current role is in the welfare or youth group environment - the deadline to reply is Friday 30 Jun 17.